Christmas; from our home to yours…

Hi everyone! Sincerest apologies for the lack of posts and activity. Whether it has been the time of the year or busy schedules but I seem to have been suffering from writers block. However, CHRISTMAS IS HERE! I am a sucker for Christmas. I'm pretty sure I'm every retailers ideal shopper as I love everything … Continue reading Christmas; from our home to yours…


I’ve been nominated for a Liebster Award!

Hello lovelies! It is with gratitude and some astonishment that I can announce that last week I was nominated for my first ever Liebster Award. This is an internet based award with German origins- the word Liebster can be defined as pleasant, valued, welcomed and beloved. So, thank you so much BeautyAndTheBlog98 for making me … Continue reading I’ve been nominated for a Liebster Award!

Waste not, Want not. 

Last week I posted about my weekly grocery shop and tight budget. (See A lot of my followers were astounded at my relatively modest spend, and asked "How are you doing that?" So here's an example of my saving...  That 1 £3.50 chicken = 3 dinners. Here's how..  Sunday; chicken was roasted and served … Continue reading Waste not, Want not.