Make up Must Haves

Last week I decided to give my cosmetics drawer an overhaul, producing bin load of expired products and organised rather than jumbled chaos. I also decided upon putting together a make up bag of my everyday essentials to aid with quickening up my morning activities- every little helps when you’ve a baby! So here are my current make up must haves…


1. Body shop aloe calming foaming face wash; what a mouthful! One of my closest friends has recently started selling the body shop range and after reading through their product propaganda I thought I would give this a go. It’s a foaming face wash and whilst it doesn’t thoroughly remove make up enough for my liking it’s great for a morning freshen up. It’s also gentle enough not to flare up my eczema.
2. Korres Wild Rose moisturiser; I’ll admit, I am a complete sucker for facial moisturisers. I love them. Especially more expensive ones that make you feel like you’ve just rolled of a spa’s day bed after a facial. My sister got me this one for Christmas and it’s simply divine! It’s not a thick moisturiser so doesn’t feel heavy on your skin and this also means a little goes a long way. In addition, it lasts 24hours so keeps skin feeling fresh and plump for longer.
3. Smash box photo finish primer; this is a wonder product! A pea sized amount gives you a velvety smooth face ready for painting.
4. L’Oréal infallible 24 hour foundation; I recently discovered this foundation after having my make up done professionally for an event. I was so impressed with its coverage, staying power and reasonable price tag that I switched from my premium product to this one. I have two shades- vanilla for when I have fake tan on and porcelain for when I’m embracing my true paleness.
5. Kiko beauty blender; my tool of choice for applying my foundation. Shout out to my friend and make up artist Laurie Nix (check her out on Instagram; laurienixmakeup and Snapchat; laurienix) for her advice on using it damp for a flawless even coverage.
6. Avon liquid concealer; cheap, cheerful and does exactly what it says on the tin for those eye bags and hormonal break outs.
7. Clinique hefty highlighter chubby; another guilty pleasure of mine is highlighter. I’d highlight my whole face if I could get away with it but instead I just use this one for my cheek bones and top of eye socket then blend it in with my fingers.
8. Kiko highlighter and blush duo; this for me doesn’t do what it says on the tin and rather, makes a lovely natural bronze/blush duo. Perfect for everyday colour without looking like coco the clown.
9. Clarins golden glow highlighter powder; I warned you I was obsessed. So after using the chubby for specific areas, then my blusher/bronzer, I love this glowing powder to dust on the tip of my nose, Cupid’s bow and outside of cheek bones just to satisfy my attempts to look like a radiant, glowing woman who has stepped off the cover of vogue (some chance…).
10. Avon true colour eyebrow pencil; to me this is the best easy to use pencil on the market that doesn’t cost a fortune, stays put and blends well with your natural colour. Others I tried always looked too dark/light or very waxy whereas this goes on like a pencil but appears like a powder.
11. Stretchex Mascara; I have tried a lot of mascara in my time from big brushes to little brushes to curved brushes. And from cheap to costing the same as a meal for two. Currently I’m using this one and so far, so good. It’s great for lengthening and grabs all the little hairs to coat them without leaving clumps or flaking off.
12. Micellar wipes; I know wipes are not the best for your skin and often get a lot of bad press for drying out, but until I find a make up liquid remover that does the trick without causing my eyes to dry up and want to be scratched out these are my go to. I use any type of micellar wipes I can find but these little beauties are one of my favourites and at 79p a pack they are kind on the purse too.

13. Body shop soothing rescue aloe cream mask; this is such a handy product! The mask term isn’t really accurate. It’s more a heavy duty cream. Basically 2-3 times per week you slather it on your face before bed, go to sleep and in the morning you have lovely plump, refreshed skin. I use it after showering and can really notice the difference the next day.

So that’s it! My current make up must haves. I am by no means an MUA but for everyday beauty, these products do the trick for me.



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  1. Love these must-haves, thanks for sharing! Check out my latest posts?
    Mena | ✨


  2. Thanks! Following your blog- you have some great posts x


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