But first, coffee.

Today I met with a few mum friends for coffee and a chat. Mum friends that 6 weeks ago I didn’t know. Mum friends with little ones of a similar age to mines

As we chatted and compared notes on first time (and second time!) mummy-ing, life, partners and work, I suddenly stopped in my tracks and thought…gosh, everyone really has their own battle to fight don’t they?!

From court battles to loss of a baby. From cancer scares to difficult labours. From baby allergies to mental health issues. From marriage woes to money issues. It’s there. For each and every person on this planet it’s there; their battle.

Sometimes we may not see these battles or our fellow soldiers. Our battle armour has developed so much than what we have worn in past conflicts. There is no chain mail, swords or shields in site, but simply a smile. A smile that hides the fear of the battle. A smile as our undercover disguise.

But trust me when I say this, you are not the only one fighting.

So please, please be kind. Be kind to each other. Smile at a stranger. Say hello to that parent on their own. Be thankful for small mercies. And share your battles- you never know who will have the plan to conquer them.





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