Newborn Necessities

Today my little bundle of love is a big 3 months old. These last 3 months have flown by in a whirl of days blending into nights, nights blending into days, numerous cups of cold coffee and a wheelbarrow full of nappies.

Any new Mum will know that you are BOMBARDED with new products, gadgets and so called baby necessities. So new Mums, Mums to be and everyone else, bar the usual nappies/ wipes/ bottles/ sterilizer, here are my top 6 additional baby products which I have loved this last 3 months….. (I have 6 as I couldn’t pick just 5, random number i know!)


1. Sleepyhead Deluxe Pod- (purchased at

I discovered this Pod from an advertisement that appeared on my social media account and a photograph posted by an old school friend. But I was unsure for the rather steep price tag if it would really live up to the hype. The Sleepyhead Pod claims to aid bambino with getting to sleep, staying asleep and temperature regulation. It also claims to help reduce reflux and compared to it’s competitors is fully safety tested meeting regulations to reduce the risk of SIDS. At the start I used my Sleepyhead 24/7 when my little one slept lots during the day. Since its lightweight and portable I merely brought it downstairs during the day and placed it into the crib at nighttime. This also meant if baby fell asleep in it in the evening, I didn’t have to disturb him and move him for bed time. Now I have it in his crib for naps and night time. For me, the Sleepyhead stops my baby from startling himself and waking himself up. He’s a jumpy little fellow who flings his arms about during his sleep, so the Sleepyhead helps to keep him cosy, aid with the “in utero” feeling and stop him from waking unnecessarily. I have also found it to be a great tool for tummy time with the raised edge ideal for tucking below his arms to help him with neck control. The only downside for me is the expensive covers so instead I cover the pod with a large muslin cloth to prevent any leaks or dribbles staining the pod.


2. Snuz Pod 3 in 1 Beside crib- (purchased at

Carrying on with the sleeping theme I absolutely love this little rock-able beside crib. It has a fold down side that collapses flat allowing it to be attached onto our own bed-frame creating a seamless extension of the mattress. It was great when I was breastfeeding at the start for nighttime feeding, especially as my c-section wound made bending and stooping difficult, and still is invaluable at aiding a good nights sleep as I can reach across and settle baby as needed or reach baby his pacifier if required.


3. Shnuggle Cosy Bath tub- (purchased at

My sister found this little baby bath and sent me the link of it and I was so glad to have it. We have a very deep sided bath which would’ve been near impossible for me to bend into to hold and wash baby. This bath abolishes the slippery baby balancing act at the start by propping the baby up. I placed it on my kitchen table when bathing baby so it was at a suitable height. At 3 months our little one has only grown out of it now as he is very long so his feet were up against the side of it, but I’m hoping the good weather will continue and we will use it as a mini paddling pool in the garden!


4. Baby car mirror- (purchased at

One of my husband’s work colleagues suggested a car mirror and I wouldn’t go anywhere without it! Initially I was so anxious when driving with our little bundle as I couldn’t see him in the car- see if he was OK, if his head hadn’t fallen over, if he had spit up… and I even sat in the back seat beside him and got my husband to drive! This mirror attaches to the backseat headrest so that baby can see themselves in it, and you can see baby in your rear view mirror. Thus allowing you to drive in confidence knowing that baby is safe and sound.


5. Micro- Steam Bags- (example such as

I first got one of these little bags when I was in hospital for sterilizing my breast pump on the ward and later got another one from my sister in law and they are a God send! You can sterilize anything from baby bottles to breast pumps to containers for milk/ food to dummies. Sterilization takes between 3-5 minutes in the microwave depending on your microwave wattage, so great if you run out of bottles or need something in a hurry. They are also really handy if you are away for a full day at a family or friend’s house as it saves you bringing a whole host of equipment with you.


6. Washable Nappy bag-  (examples such as

I use ordinary disposable nappies but my sister in law gave me a washable nappy bag with another purpose- for wet/ dirty clothing. There is nothing worse than when you are out and about, and get a poonami, leaky nappy or vomit comet soaking your little ones clothing. Then you have to carry around the dirty/wet clothing somewhere until you get home. Well these little bags are the solution! Just pop all clothing into it, then when you are home you can put the whole thing in the washing machine- bag and all! It keeps all the dirty clothes together while you are out, and abolishes the need to handle the dirty garments when at home. It’s also great for storing dirty bibs in when out and about.


So those are my top 6! Thanks All of them I use on a daily basis so have been more than worth the money for us. Now if someone can find me a pause button to stop my little man growing up so fast I’d really appreciate it!



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