A Girl’s Best Friend

“Whoever said diamonds were a girl’s best friend obviously never owned a dog”

I often get asked questions about my furry best friend- her breed, temperament, personality; so thought I would introduce you all properly to the boss; Lola.

Name: Lola

Age: Will be 2 years in August 2017

Breed: Jack Russell. Yes despite her long tail and larger appearance she is in fact a Jack. We originally thought she was going to be a miniature Jack Russell as one of her parents was, but she grew much more

How we got her: Lola was my 1st Wedding Anniversary present from my husband. I had lamented for months that I wanted a dog, and a female dog at that. My husband disagreed but eventually gave in! We originally tried to adopt a dog via an animal shelter but unfortunately due to their rigorous re-homing checks we weren’t successful, so ended up purchasing Lola from a lovely family who bred Jack Russells near Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland

Likes: Cosy blankets, being warm, lying beside the radiator, sleeping fully below blankets, chin scratches and playing ball

Dislikes: The postman, any delivery man, the neighbour’s cat, seeing her reflection in the velux windows, getting bathed, wet/ cold weather and my hairdrye

Personality: A dog that’s too big for her own boots- or paws rather! Shes a feisty wee number with a big bark, but she has a lot of love to give and is very protective of her family. She’s not a dog that requires a lot of walking and will point blank refuse to go outside if she doesn’t want to

Claim to fame: Lola has her own Twitter account! Check out: https://twitter.com/ExplorewithLola



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