Cinderella Hacks

Good Evening folks!

Yesterday was a good day in my domestic duties as I got the house cleaned from top to toe and sitting prim and pretty – for the whole 5 minutes that it lasts! But it got me thinking about those little cleaning hints and tips that everyone has. So I thought I would share my top 5 cleaning hacks.

  1. Zoflora – Maybe I am slow to jump on this band wagon, but after reading a post by Home at Rose Cottage (can be found at I couldn’t resist trying Zoflora, and guess what- it is amazing! The smell that it produces lasts much longer than other products I have previously used and buying it in the pound shops makes it kind on my purse too. I put a cap-full of Zoflora in my mop bucket along with my bleach to leave a smell as I clean and also use 1/2 a cap-full in a plastic spray bottle diluted with water for wiping down my kitchen surfaces at the end of the day. I’m currently using a lavender scented one and cannot wait to try other scents. 8c82cd77b3d8608ef9ebac7911ab0aa8
  2. Spray polish isn’t just for furniture – I have found the good old bog standard Mr Sheen shine or Pledge that everyone uses on their furniture is also fab for shiny fixtures and fittings. From decorative taps on the bath, metal surrounds on my glass shower screen, handles on cupboards to my stainless steel kitchen sink, spray polish is amazing at getting a sparkling shine once the initial grime has been removed.
  3. Scented sachets – Do you know those scented sachets that all fancy goods shops sell? They normally recommend them for placing on top of radiators or under sofas/ car seats to release their smell, however I have found another use. When changing your vacuum cleaner bag sprinkle around 1/3 of a sachet into the new empty bag. Then vacuum as normal. This will release the smell of the sachet around your home as you clean making it smell delicious. With seasonal flavours such as cinnamon, spring fresh and baby powder what’s not to love?!
  4. Room sprays – In my experience, room sprays are great for a quick, instant refresh but within 10 minutes the smell has completely disappeared. To help the smell last for longer, I spray my radiators with the spray so that when they heat up they release the smell into the room. This way you get regular top ups on your fresh room smell throughout the day.
  5. Washing up liquid is the new stain blaster – I have to thank my sister in law for this great tip. Washing up liquid is an amazing stain remover from white clothes. From greasy splashes, to tomato sauces, to poo- explosion stains on baby vests, washing up liquid has became my life saver. Simply wet the stain, rub the washing up liquid onto it, and then wash as usual in the washing machine to achieve stain free clothes- magic! More of Laura’s tips are on her blog:


Hopefully you find some of these tips helpful in your happy home, and please; feel free to share yours with me!


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