Saying Goodbye to stinky-sink mess…

According to many hygiene specialists, your kitchen sink contains over 100,000 times more bacteria than a toilet or bathroom- gross! After discovering this little fact, I struggled with leaving my sink sponges and scourers to fester around the plug hole, and developed my very own “Sink Stand.”


I use my “Sink Stand” to organize all my kitchen sink products, keeping the sink free from clutter and hopefully reducing the build up of germs.

So, what does it include?

  • The stand itself is a pretty cake stand that I received as an engagement present. I believe the person picked it up in TK Maxx.
  • The top shelf of the stand is my hand washing stand- antibacterial soap and a good industrial strength hand cream. Soap wise I tend to go for cheap and cheerful for the kitchen and save my pennies for luxury in the bathroom. As long as its an antibacterial soap its a winner, and this one also has Aloe Vera so it shouldn’t be as harsh on the skin. Hand cream is something I’ve only started using in recent years but it really is an essential product for anyone washing their hands frequently to help create a barrier to the environment and prevent hacks or dry skin.
  • The bottom shelf of the stand is all my sink products- dish cloth, vegetable brush; I love this little cow one as it has a nifty collection dish to prevent drips from the bristles flooding everywhere, and sponges for washing dishes. All my sink products I get from bargain or pound shops- great value and they do the job perfectly!

And that’s it! A handy little kitchen hack to organize you sink space leaving the sink a place for bubbles only.



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