Sunday Success; my Ultimate Roast Chicken

For almost 3 years of happily married post wedding bliss (and 3 equal years of not strangling each other whilst we sleep..) I have tried and tested many Sunday dinner/ Roast chicken recipes. From slow cookers, to roast-a-bags to shake & season kits, if its out there I’ve tried it. And by Jove, do you know? I think I’ve cracked it….

My inspiration for this recipe came from Jamie Oliver’s Ultimate Roast Chicken, (found at but like any good cook I’ve trialed and tweaked it to perfect it.

Before I start, I cannot stress the importance of buying good, fresh, local meat and poultry. The old saying of “you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear” has never been so true. I buy all my meat and poultry from a local butchers in Ballynahinch, County Down, and at £4.20 for a whole raw chicken it’s great value for money.

For my chicken, I create a “stand” for it in the casserole dish. This is just roughly chopped vegetables and garlic to set the chicken upon to allow heat to circulate fully and aid with flavour. I normally use 1 carrot, 1 red onion and a teaspoon of this very handy chopped garlic. You could however use a variety of vegetables- or whatever needs used up from the bottom of the fridge!


Next I treat my little chicken with some love and tenderness with a good massage with thyme, lemon, salt and pepper. You could use fresh thyme and a fresh lemon for this along with your seasoning, however I use this local rapeseed oil infused by Harnett’s with lemon and thyme that I received as a Christmas gift and it works a treat.


img_1951.jpgSo after it’s little pamper session, this is the finished product, I then pop it in a 200 degrees centigrade oven for around 1hour 20 minutes until the skin is crisp and juices run clear.


And voila! A beautiful roast chicken!


Top tip: if you remove the chicken from the casserole dish for carving, you can pour the juices and vegetables into a stock pot to make a beautifully rich gravy. I added around 100ml of boiling water and gravy granules then simmered until thick.



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