“After all, tomorrow is another day…” – Scarlett O’Hara, Gone With the Wind.

Tomorrow will always come, and tomorrow is a new day.

But what if that new day finds you on maternity leave basic pay? Or returning to work on part time wages? Or with a huge childcare bill to pay every month?

I’m Joy, an almost 30 something married Mum of 1 from County Down, and I found myself falling into all 3 of these scenarios. I therefore decided to start this little page of 5 minute reads to help you search out the bargains, have nutritious family meals, and family fun on a budget. Scrimping on money- not on memories!

#FYFforfifty– Feed your Family for £50 per week.

I trained as an NHS Dietitian and worked in the industry for 6 years before de-registering from the profession, and taking time out to be with my family. Throughout this time I was involved in many areas from disordered eating to diabetes, and everything in between. But only when money got tight did I really appreciate the struggle to make affordable, home cooked meals. Check out this hashtag on Instagram and related posts on here to cut your shopping bills, without cutting out nutrition.

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